CEREC – Crowns and Veneers in One Visit

Receive strong, attractive tooth restorations in just one appointment!

CEREC 3D® (CERamic REConstruction) is an innovative treatment option which creates beautiful looking, long lasting results. CEREC 3D® is an attractive option for patients wishing to restore the natural function and beauty to damaged or missing teeth. CEREC® procedures are convenient, permanent and aesthetically pleasing. There’s no metal or unattractive dark spot along your gum line when you have a CERAC crown!

Our certified CEREC® veneers and crowns are designed with the assistance of 3D photography and computer technology. Dr. Carroll then refines the digital model and sends it to our in-house milling machine. This machine carves each restoration from a fine-quality ceramic material toned to the color of individual patient teeth. We can create CEREC onlays and inlays, in addition to bonding, crowns and veneers.

Patients have been very pleased with CEREC’s results. Dr. Carroll has been performing CEREC® procedures for over eight years now. The fact that many patients return over time to have additional CEREC dentistry performed at ComfortCare is terrific testament to patient satisfaction!

Besides gaining back the aesthetic beauty of their smile, patients are universally pleased with strength and functionality of their CERAC dental restorations.

An advantage of choosing ComfortCare Dental for your CEREC procedures is that both Dr. Carroll is an expert in performing them. Becoming adept at this technology requires a good deal of experience and training.

CEREC® technology is jus one of many advanced technologies we work with every day at ComfortCare Dental. Contact us today to find out how easily you can improve your smile!